Day: February 2, 2022

how to plan unforgettable party with boat rental sydney

How to Plan an Unforgettable Party With a Boat Rental in Sydney Harbour

In Sydney Harbour alone, over 20,000 registered recreational vessels are either privately owned or commercially used. Cruising by boat is widely seen as the best way to view the beauty of the Harbour.  Many Australians and visiting tourists often rent a boat to enjoy the view. The thriving Sydney party boat rental industry brings big events out into the water to

find a private party boat for hire in sydney

Find a Private Party Boat for Hire in Sydney

When it comes to parties, Sydney comes second only to Brisbane as the party capital of Australia. The city’s leisure and nightlife have made it a prime destination for tourists and locals alike. In 2020, 9.3 million visitors came to the city. As the harbour is one of the most famous areas in Sydney, party boat rentals were among

pricing a sydney boat hire

Pricing A Sydney Boat Hire: How Much Does it Really Cost?

The boating industry in Australia went “gangbusters” last year, with new and used boat sales experiencing a boom of 10-15% among jet skis and big boats. Boats are a luxury purchase of many people’s dreams, and analysts suggest that the pandemic has bolstered them to purchase. VIP Boat Hire has seen an uptick in interest around

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