Find a Private Party Boat for Hire in Sydney

find a private party boat for hire in sydney

When it comes to parties, Sydney comes second only to Brisbane as the party capital of Australia. The city’s leisure and nightlife have made it a prime destination for tourists and locals alike.

In 2020, 9.3 million visitors came to the city. As the harbour is one of the most famous areas in Sydney, party boat rentals were among the top questions received by VIP Boat Hire. The most typical queries revolve around finding a suitable vessel for a private party. Boat hires in Sydney often have many options. 

Here we’ve put together factors to consider when choosing the right vessel, whether it’s a small boat or a luxury yacht.

Finding the Boat for the Party

Party Size

How many people will be attending your event? A small sailboat rental can hold up to ten people, while catamarans can hold two dozen. If you’re holding a much larger event, a small yacht or a double-decker may be the best option for you, as they can hold up to 50 people with room for catering and mingling. 

If you’re holding a major or corporate event with over 50 people involved, luxury yachts can fit even more people and feature a full-service crew to help you. There are also specifically designated corporate yachts available for private business events.


However, remember that as the size of the vessel goes up, so does the price per hour. Small boats can be rented for as low as $200 per hour, and catamarans for up to $700 per hour. Double-decker catamarans and small yachts cost up to $1,200 an hour. 

If you’re holding a private, leisure party, then these options may be the most ideal for you, especially if you divide the boat rental costs among the partygoers. It’s the most cost-efficient option. However, if you’re holding a larger corporate party, your options are the luxury yachts that go up to $1,800 an hour. 

For corporate or business events, however, good boat hire companies will offer a package for a corporate boat that has many features that you need, such as quality food options, a full-service crew, and onboard entertainment. This ensures that you get a comprehensive package that will take care of most party preparations for a package price.

Party Date

Consider the date of the party. Would it fall on a high season or the off-season? The prices change depending on the date you’ve selected. When more customers are queuing to rent a boat, high season rates will drive the prices up. You might want to consider booking in an off-season, where the scenery wouldn’t be so different, but the prices are more accessible for your party.

But if you’re planning on hosting a private party for a special day, don’t forget to check with the boat hire company about package rates. Long-standing companies typically offer special options for holidays such as Christmas and New Year and packages for weddings and milestone birthdays. It may give you a good price for a boat hire that you normally won’t have opted for.


If you plan on doing more than just eat and mingle, boat hires also offer specialised boating services such as fishing boats, barbecues, and overnight boats. These will accrue extra costs if you plan to use them for your party. Plan out your party, its events, and consider what activities you might go for while on the boat. 

Staff Costs

Some boats don’t include the price of having staff on board. Unless you opt for a self-driven boat hire, you’ll need someone to drive the boat for you and to drive around the water to where you want to cruise. 

You’ll also need to consider if your party will need staff. If you’re opting for small boats and catamarans, you won’t really need one as your party will only have room for yourselves on the boat. 

But a large party, especially catering for birthdays and corporate functions, will need a wait staff. The wait staff is typically $250-$350 per staff member. When choosing your boat for the party, take the staff member and the cost into account. Extra staff members will also cost additional fees.

It’s best to consult with the boat company about your total guest number and whether or not you’ll need wait staff. They can provide you with a final total for the cost. But if you plan on having a leisurely get-together with friends who are willing to bring or barbecue their own food, you might not need that many staff aboard.

When in Doubt, Consult Experts

It’s always recommended to speak to a boat hire company before choosing the perfect boat for a private party. The company’s years of experience having events on board can provide you with insight into what’s right for your party. They can even provide unique packages that will give you the best experience.

VIP Boat Hire has rented boats for various private parties of all sizes. We can also provide comprehensive event packages that will include everything you need to hold a brilliant event on board. You’ll find the right boat for you, whether it’s for an informal get-together full of activities or a lavish corporate event on deck. Contact us today and find the ideal boat for your private event.


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