On-Board Fun: Exciting Boat Party Games You Should Try

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A boat ride is an event you and your loved ones should experience at least once. Celebrating important moments with your friends and family, such as birthdays and engagements, at sea via a private boat charter in Sydney makes for a unique experience.

However, if there is nothing else to do on the boat than sit and talk, the novelty might start wearing off. To keep the experience fun, consider doing activities and games on board the private boat you hired.

The following are some engaging activities that you can do with family and friends to make your boat party extra memorable and make the most of your time on the water.

I Spy

You have the beautiful vistas of the beach and the ocean at your disposal. Why not make the most of the opportunity to play this popular icebreaker at the start of your cruise?

I Spy has always been a favorite during road trips, and a different environment should make the game even more interesting to play. Instead of trying to spot road signs or yellow cars, you can “spy” dolphins, fishing boats and other things you can only see while out on the water.


Anglers of all ages will love fishing off a private boat charter. If there are experienced or novice anglers in your group, why not have a friendly fishing competition.

You can either bring your own fishing rods and tackle or talk to the owners of the boat you’re renting if they have gear you can borrow.

To up the stakes, reward the person who snags the biggest fish with a prize.

man fishing

Water Sports

You’re already on the beautiful Australian waters, so why not make the most of it through water sports?

Water skiing and waterboarding will challenge even the most athletic people at your boat party. You can even make it into a game: whoever manages to stay upright longest will be the winner. Swimming and diving are also activities that can easily be turned into fun games.

Giant Jenga

Everyone knows and loves Jenga, and you’re probably familiar with Giant Jenga. However, you haven’t really played Jenga until you’ve tried it on a luxurious boat!

The waves and views that boat parties can provide will make Giant Jenga games even more challenging. What’s more, the surrounding views of sea and sky will provide a wonderful backdrop to one of the most memorable games of Jenga you’ll ever play.

Kick Your Boat Parties Up a Notch

A private boat hire on Sydney Harbour is already a memorable experience that everyone will keep talking about long after it’s over. Incorporating these games into the itinerary will make it even more exciting and memorable.

If you’re looking for a great boat rental experience, VIP Boat Hire is the company you should contact. We have the finest boats and yachts on this side of the Pacific to make your parties unforgettable. Get in touch with us today at info@vipboathire.com.au for more information on our private boat charters in Sydney, or book a boat online.


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