What to Expect on an Overnight Sydney Boat Hire

Overnight Cruise in Sydney

One of the best things about cruising along Sydney Harbour is the sights that you’re treated with no matter where you look.

From Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House bracketed by the city’s central business district to the endless blue of the sky and other boats on the water, this route presents a feast for the eyes. But have you ever thought about what it would be like to cruise the same route at night?

Sydney Harbour Overnight Cruise

There are plenty of boats for hire at Sydney Harbour, no matter the time of day. But if you want a truly unique experience, an overnight cruise is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The Cost of an Overnight Boat Rental in Sydney Harbour

The rates of yacht or boat rental vary depending on the size of the vessel you’re renting, the number of guests, the hours you’re taking the boat to sail and other amenities or services you want during your stay.

At VIP Boat Hire, you can hire a boat that will take you on a cruise along Sydney Harbour at night starting at $168 per hour. For as low as less than $200, you can take your significant other, family members or a small group of friends.

Larger boats, perfect for big parties of people and special occasions, can go up to $565 per hour. These vessels afford you enough space for your guests, as well as luxurious amenities that add to the ambience of an overnight cruise along the Harbour.

What to Do on an Overnight Cruise

Overnight cruise can be just that—a cruise along Sydney Harbour at night. But you could always make it more special or entertaining by planning for activities or doing it during an event.


One of the best and most popular ways of enjoying a cruise at night is by incorporating it with your dining experience. Most boats for hire large enough to host sit-down tables offer multiple-course dinners.

Served at your leisure by attentive waiters, these evening meals aboard a yacht offer you a feast not just for your hungry stomach, but also for your eyes. Dinner will surely be a better experience when you’re looking at the glimmering Sydney CBD and the Opera House all lit up.

Listening to Live Music

What’s better than gazing at the Sydney nightscape aboard a private luxury boat? Doing all those things while there’s live music playing in the background, of course!

You can have a pianist, a violinist, a string quartet or even an entire band on board your rental boat playing music as you cruise along Sydney Harbour. Music can set the mood of your party, from intimate to lively, depending on what you want.

Some overnight cruisers even go for karaoke! If you or anyone in your party wants to show off your singing skills, a karaoke is the perfect way to go. The music will serve not just a background of your cruise, but also a main form of entertainment.

Celebrating Themed Parties

Is your birthday or that of a loved one coming up? Are you planning on proposing or perhaps wanting to celebrate a recent engagement? Maybe there’s an upcoming event for your workplace. No matter the occasion, you may want to consider hosting it aboard a private overnight cruise.

At VIP Boat Hire, we help clients celebrate all kinds of occasion, whether it’s one mentioned above or some national holiday like Christmas or New Year. You can make these celebrations unique not just by renting a private boat in Sydney Harbour, but also hosting the party at night.

The lights from the Harbour, as well as the views of the Bridge and Opera House all lit up make a perfect backdrop for parties and events of any kind.

What to Expect on an Overnight Sydney Harbour Cruise

Overnight cruises along Sydney Harbour vary depending on the event you’re celebrating, if any, as well as the people you’re with.

But what you can guarantee on your adventure, though, is seeing the city lit up beautifully against the dark sky. And if you charter an overnight boat from a reputable company like VIP Boat Hire, you can expect luxury and excellent service to go with the excellent views the Harbour affords you.

Hire an Overnight Boat in Sydney

Ready to embark on an overnight cruise along Sydney Harbour? VIP Boat Hire welcomes you any time!

We offer a range of boats for overnight cruises, from sailing boats and yachts to self-drive boats you can manoeuvre leisurely. Whether you’re looking for a half-day trip or you want an entire weekend booked, the choice is yours.

Choose your boat now.


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