Pricing A Sydney Boat Hire: How Much Does it Really Cost?

pricing a sydney boat hire

The boating industry in Australia went “gangbusters” last year, with new and used boat sales experiencing a boom of 10-15% among jet skis and big boats. Boats are a luxury purchase of many people’s dreams, and analysts suggest that the pandemic has bolstered them to purchase.

VIP Boat Hire has seen an uptick in interest around Sydney for boat rentals as people who can’t buy their own boats opt to get boat hire services in Sydney Harbour instead. Often, it’s for major events such as celebrations. Even though there is high prestige associated with boats or owning boats, renting one doesn’t cost as much as people may think.

What Does It Take to Hire a Boat?

First, consider the size of the boat you’re interested in hiring. Most boat rental companies can offer everything from catamarans to luxury yachts. However, the boat’s size causes the hourly rate to increase. Smaller boats may have around $200 per hour, while larger vessels can go up to $5,000 per hour.

A good way to compute the boat size and cost you can afford is to measure the cost per person. Ask the company about the capacity per boat, and then for the hourly rate divided among each person that the boat can hold. Compare this against how many people you have in your group. 

However, remember that the day you choose will also factor in the prices. In the same way that there are high seasons for flights or hotels, boat rentals may spike in prices during holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Ensure that you consult with a company representative to ask about their special and off-season rates.

Types of boats

Small Vessels

These boats typically have a 10-person capacity. The average cost per hour for small vessels is often below $200. These are often sailboats and ideal for a private date between two people or an intimate dinner for a small family. 

It’s still possible to get up and walk around, but you will likely stay seated for most of the ride. Consider this when you plan what you’ll be doing with the boat. You can still take it for a cruise around the harbour, visit the sights around the water, or visit a nearby bay and cove to go swimming.


These are larger versions of the small sailing vessels with a similar layout but roomier deck. There’s room to seat up to two dozen people in a large catamaran. It often has plenty of lounge space and room to mingle on the decks. 

At an average of $300-$700 per hour, it’s a cost-efficient, accessible choice for many groups, especially if the price gets split among partygoers. It’s great for short fishing trips, cruises around the harbour, and you even have room to fry the fish you’ve caught on board. It’s another way to save on the cost of food.

Small Yachts

For a more luxurious experience for much larger parties, a smaller yacht or a large, double-deck catamaran works well. There’s more than enough room for a catered dinner, and the vessels can fit up to 50 people. These vessels can cost as little as $600 an hour to rent.

The wide space makes it ideal for large parties or for a middle-sized group that wants plenty of room on the deck to move around, sunbathe, fish, or take pictures with the view. 

Large Yachts

A large yacht is an excellent choice for extra special or once-in-a-lifetime occasions that you may have saved up for. Unlike a hotel ballroom or other indoor rentals, you combine a memorable experience with a breathtaking location when renting a luxury yacht. You can enjoy the event with a large party of over 50 people, room for a catered dinner, and the help of a full-service crew on board.

As you enjoy your big event, you can take in the sights of the harbour, cruise around, go night fishing, or visit one of the nearby coves. It’s a combination of a significant milestone party and an outdoor luxury cruise that will make the event unforgettable. 

You can rent a luxury yacht for as little as $800 per hour and as much as $2,000 per hour. It can even be made available overnight for you, making it well worth the price.

Get the Most for Your Money

To ensure that you get the most out of your boat rental, browse different rental companies and seek out the best packages for their prices. A company that offers a full range of boat sizes and services can provide you with an excellent cruise experience and plenty of onboard activities to try.

VIP Boat Hire is one of Sydney Harbour’s premier boat rental companies, with boat rentals of all sizes, from powerboats and pontoons to corporate yachts. Fishing boats, self-drive boats, and even overnight boats are available, ensuring that your party is a memorable occasion. 

Contact us today to make your big event a truly dazzling experience out in the water.


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