Yacht Rental vs. Private Jet Charter: Which One is Better?

Rent a Private Yacht or Jet

Thinking of setting off on a fancy holiday and can’t decide between renting a private party boat or a private jet? We’re here to help.

If you’ve been working hard recently, you deserve a nice break. And if that break entails a private jet ride or a day spent sailing aboard a yacht, even better. But if you can only choose one or the other, we understand the dilemma.

Both yachts and private jets have their advantages over the other, so it can be difficult to decide. This is why we listed down things to consider when choosing between renting a private jet or a yacht.

1. Your purpose

The purpose of renting either a private jet or a yacht should be your main consideration when trying to decide between the two. What your plans are will determine what amenities you need, which will then inform you which mode of transport you need.

If you’re in a hurry and simply need to get from one place to another in private luxury, then a private jet would be more suitable. You’ll have the space all to yourself (and your guests) for the duration of the flight with personalised service until you reach your destination.

If you’re not going anywhere in particular and simply want to sit back and unwind somewhere with beautiful views, you can go for a private party boat rental instead.

Luxury yachts serve two purposes: your mode of transport and your destination in one. While you can use yachts to sail from one place to another, they can also simply take you out on the water, drop anchor and let you enjoy the views and your company.

You can celebrate your holiday with your friends or family on the yacht since you have the space and amenities for it, unlike a private jet.

2. Convenience 

A yacht and a private jet are convenient options, but deciding which one is, once again, based on your purpose for renting them.

Private jets allow you to breeze through the airport without needing to wait for hours at the boarding gate. Flying also gets you to your destination faster.

On the other hand, renting a yacht means a slower travel time. But as we’ve mentioned above, if you’re not in a hurry to get to a particular destination anyway, then there’s no better place option for travelling than sailing on a yacht.

3. Cost

The costs of chartering a private jet versus a luxury boat differ, especially with the size of the aircraft or boat you’re renting, as well as the number of people you’re bringing with you.

According to FlightCharter.com.au, private jet charters can cost $2,750 to $50,000 depending on the distance traveled, the aircraft class and the number of seats inside the jet.

The rate of chartering a yacht, on the other hand, depends on the number of passengers you’re bringing, the length at which you’re renting the boat, and any amenities you may request. Party boats, for example, offer catering services for guests.

At VIP Boat Hire, you can rent a private boat for an hour, starting at a few hundred dollars an hour. This means you can save on the costs of renting a yacht compared to chartering a plane.

4. Environmental impact

Even if you don’t own a private jet or yacht, you still have to be a responsible consumer. As such, when deciding between chartering a plane and renting a yacht, look into the impact they have on the environment.

Private jets and other types of private aircraft typically leave a significant environmental footprint as they carry only a few passengers at a time.

On the other hand, even a superyacht cannot match the carbon footprint of one private jet. There are also eco-friendly yachts nowadays, further lowering the negative environmental impact they might leave during operation.

Charter a Private Yacht Today

If you decide that a luxury yacht is the better option for your needs, VIP Boat Hire in Sydney is ready to welcome you on board!

We provide private party boat hires in Sydney for guests who want to enjoy the best of what Sydney Harbour has to offer.

Whether you’re celebrating with an intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest or you’re in all-out party mode with your friends, there’s a perfect yacht for rent for you.

Plan your cruise along the Sydney Harbour. Enquire here today.


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