10 Fun Things to do in Lockdown

things to do in lockdown

Feeling the lockdown blues? With Sydney currently in lockdown you might find that the days are longer and that there’s nothing to look forward to. Your holiday plans might have been cancelled and planned events are out the window. It’s tough but as we await for things to get better, there are plenty of things to do in lockdown.

This list of activities are all different – from pure entertainment to skill-building hobbies. What they have all in common however, is that they all pass the time and will definitely add some substance to your lockdown days. So read on and discover what fun things you can do during lockdown!

10 things to do in lockdown

1 – Baking and cooking

Put on your chefs hat and apron – lockdown is a great time to get your bake and cooking on! Especially since we can’t go out to eat and getting delivery every day might make your wallet upset! For new cooks and bakers, it’s an opportunity to make some brand new noise in the kitchen and for seasoned cooks, it’s time to experiment and try your hand at some more difficult recipes.

2 – Board games

Board games are no longer an old-fashion way to pass the time. Board games are bigger, brighter and better, and have a huge community behind the hobby! There are games to cater to every person so you won’t have trouble finding one for you and your household. Websites such as roll20 also allow you to play games online with your friends.

3 – Knitting and sewing

For a more classic hobby that will result in an actual item of use, try knitting and sewing. There are plenty of online resources that will help you get started in the world of knitting and sewing. The only thing you need from your end will be some knitting needles, a spool or two of yarn and a needle. With enough persistence you’ll be creating your very own scarf or jumper in no time!

4 – Cocktail making

Did the announcement of lockdown make you reach for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine? If the answer is yes, then cocktail making might be something you can take on this lockdown. From classic recipes such as the gin and tonic, to more complex concoctions such as a Bloody Mary, you’ll be able to embrace your inner bartender and sate your alcohol cravings at the same time!

5 – Painting

What goes well with a glass of wine (or a cocktail you’ve just whipped together)? Painting! Paint and sip sessions are a popular group event and there’s no reason why it can be part of your list of things to do in lockdown.

All you really need is a set of paints, an easel and a canvas and you can start creating your own pieces of art. There are also many ‘follow-along paintings’ you can do online as well, from master artists such as Bob Ross.

6 – Binge watching and reading

Some days all you want to do is indulge and binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix. Lockdown is the perfect time to do just that! Whether you’re continuing your favourite tv show or are looking for something new to ogle, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy. Likewise, if your list of books to read is only growing, you’ll have enough time to start whittling your literature list down.

7 – Gardening

Do you know if you have a green thumb or not? Well, lockdown is the time to find out! Gardening is a super popular hobby and the best thing about it is that it is one that no longer requires a backyard to enjoy. If you live in an apartment you can join the wave of indoor plant enthusiasts who live their life surrounded by greenery.

8 – Learning a language

If you miss the joys of travel then learning a language might be able to somewhat help you. Immersing yourself in a new culture by learning a new language is a fantastic thing to do in lockdown. Not only is it very fun and rewarding but you’ll be able to amaze your friends once lockdown is over! To get started, here’s a great list of resources.

9 – Exercising

Running out of things to do in lockdown? Have you tried getting fit and exercising a go? With so many forms of exercise you can try, there’s not really an excuse for you not to get your body moving!

Whether it’s yoga or HIIT or bodyweight fitness, there’s something for everyone. The only thing you need to do is get started!

10 – Catchup with your friends

Rounding out our list of things to do in lockdown is catching up with your friends. While you can’t physically see or visit them, there are plenty of ways to say hello to your best bud. Whether it’s on social media platforms like FaceTime or a classic telephone conversation, make the time to see how your friends are doing.

Beat your boredom this lockdown

While we can’t enjoy a day out in the city or a party on a boat, there are still so many things you can do in lockdown. So don’t let the lockdown blues get the better of you. Try your hand at something new and lockdown will be over before you know it. For more fun articles about hobbies and travel like this, visit us at VIP Boat Hire today.


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