5 Best Boat Rental and Sailing Spots in Australia

Top Boat Rental & Sailing Spots in Australia

Australia has some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in the world. The combination of sand and sea, as well as hidden coves and by-the-beach caves across the country, can dazzle anyone.

The best thing? If you’re planning on visiting Australia’s waters, you’re not relegated to just swimming on the beach. With the view of bays as beautiful as the endless horizon of the ocean, renting a boat and taking it out to sail is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

But with Australia surrounded by many beautiful bays, how do you decide which one to visit? We’re here to make your decision-making easier. Below, we list some of the best places around Australia to rent a boat and set to sail.

1. Moreton Bay

Off Australia’s eastern coast lies Moreton Bay. This Queensland bay is large, covering more than 1500 square kilometres. The area is near Brisbane and dotted with several stunning tiny islands that make for a great view while you set sail.

Moreton Bay is also perfect for you even if you don’t plan on staying on board for the duration of your sailing adventure.

You can go snorkelling, which will bring you close to the area’s stunning marine wildlife, such as humpback whales and dolphins. And with hundreds of shipwrecks at 26 different locations, your underwater adventures will be filled with even more stunning views.

2. The Whitsundays

No “best places for sailing” list would be complete without the Whitsundays. This cluster of islands dotting the Coral Sea at the centre of the Great Barrier Reef is not just one of the best sailing spots in Australia, but of the world.

You can feast your eyes on the clear blue-green water, the natural landscape by the bay, and the endless blue skies of the Whitsundays.

Once you drop anchor, you can relax on the deck or go deep-sea diving. Plenty of islands and the surrounding water is home to diverse marine wildlife, including multi-coloured corals, fishes and sea turtles.

3. Port Stephens

Just two and a half hours north of Sydney lies Port Stephens, home to a stunning blue bay with gentle waters perfect for a smooth sail. Port Stephens is also known as “The Blue Water Paradise,” so you know you’re in for a treat when you take your private yacht here.

Apart from the stunning views of the blue ocean, you also have 30 kilometres of pristine white sand beaches backed by untouched greenery.

The port is also home to the Great Lakes Marine Park, which gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with an array of marine life native to NSW.

From the crested horn shark and pineapplefish to hundreds of bottlenose dolphins and whales, there are plenty of sights to see underwater.

4. Pittwater Bay

Unspoilt and uncongested, Pittwater Bay is an accessible but pristine escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. It’s a 45-minute drive from the CBD and offers serene waters with little swells and reliable winds.

There are plenty of pristine beaches and inlets to explore in Pittwater.

From the Smiths Creek that offers peace and tranquillity, what with it being surrounded by the unspoilt Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, to the Refuge Bay, a small secluded inlet surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs—Pittwater offers you endless options of beaches to explore and drop anchor in.

5. Sydney Harbour

If you want to sail while keeping the conveniences of the city within reach, then hire a boat to cruise along Sydney Harbour.

Nothing beats the stunning view of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from the water. With the CBD as your background, Sydney Harbour makes for a good sail spot during twilight or for overnight cruising

You can take in all these stunning sights from the deck with a glass of champagne in hand.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try taking a rental boat out on the water and visit Sydney’s must-see attractions up close or sail farther and drop anchor in one of the nearby beaches. 

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