7 Unique Boat Party Ideas for an Elegant and Memorable Event

boat party ideas

Are you looking to switch up the types of parties you are throwing? Well, you may want to consider having a boat party rather than a more typical house party or a party at a restaurant!

But what does this look like? What do you need to know before throwing one of these?

Well, keep reading for some boat party ideas that will get you even more excited. Whether you are throwing a corporate event for your team, having a wedding reception, or just doing it for fun, you’ll want to look at these ideas. You’ll also find some party planning tips that you may need for planning the best boat party anyone’s ever been to!

1. Boat Scavenger Hunt

You may not think about a scavenger hunt when you first think about getting on a boat for a party. But why not? This is a fun way to have everyone around!

Here’s how this could work. There are two ways.

For the first way, you could gather 2 or 3 other friends who have boats. You would put together a list of items that each boat needs to find around the area. For instance, maybe you need a pint glass from your favourite marina bar or a picture with a seagull on the beach.

The other way is to use your boat and invite everyone onto it. You’ll have to dock somewhere and stay in one place. In that place, you can create a list for a scavenger hunt that different teams have to look for.

In both cases, whoever gets it all first wins!

2. Murder Mystery Boat Party

What’s better than hosting themed parties? Going to them!

Your guests will love a good murder mystery boat party. You need to start this theme from the second you invite your guests on the boat.

For instance, when you send out invites, they should say that they are invited onto a nice cruise for some pleasure. You’ll have to then write something along the lines of how no one will be expecting what this evening will bring. Maybe a thunderstorm will strike during the evening and the captain will be murdered during it all.

From that point, you should put an Objective on the guest invitation saying something like this:

Objective: Enjoy delicious food and drinks while teams work together to try to identify the murderer of the beloved Captain.

This way, they are aware that it is a game and come ready for this specific party!

If you want kits to help you plan this boat party, check out PlayingWithMurder.com to download some ideas.

3. Have a Boat Brunch

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? And what about a brunch on a boat? That would be even better!

So what would this look like?

On a Saturday or a Sunday, you could plan to have friends join you on your boat for brunch. A great boat to do this on would be a yacht.

You could choose to cater the brunch from a local restaurant or from a service that caters for yachts. Consider having the catering bring pancakes, waffles, eggs, eggs Benedict, different breakfast sandwich options, pastries, and more.

You should also have coffee, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Champagne. You can use the bubbly to cheers the reason why you’re having the party – maybe it is just because or maybe you are celebrating an engagement! Make some mimosas or Bellinis for the boat ride brunch, too!

Depending on how all-out you want to go, you could either do this as a buffet or have a server that can come over to the table and make everything to order for you.

It’s all up to you and your budget!

4. Have a Music Party

If you want to go out on the water later at night or in the evening, you cannot go wrong with a music party. Whether you are on a yacht or a pontoon boat, this can be a blast.

You could even consider making the music party a themed music party. This means if you choose to make it a 70s-themed party, you could have everyone dress that way. The same goes for an 80s-themed party or something else as well!

You can go all out by providing wigs and more costume attire when they arrive on the boat as well!

Depending on your budget, you can either hire a DJ to play all of the music during the night, or create a musical list on your phone to plug into a speaker. Make sure there is enough room on the boat you choose for a version of a dance floor so everyone can dance to their heart’s content!

5. Fire and Ice Party 

What exactly is a fire and ice party? This basically means that you get to grill out and serve some hot food while also putting some delicious cocktails on ice to serve to your guests as well. 

If you need a few ideas to grill, you could consider the following:

  • Delicious BBQ
  • Fish that falls apart in your mouth
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Juice steak 
  • Burgers and hot dogs
  • Tacos

There are many more things you could grill out on the boat as well, and hiring a service that provides the boat and the hot food is always a great option as well.

Then what should you do in terms of cocktails and drinks? You may want to consider drinks that don’t need or involve glass. While you can always use plastic, there are a few drinks that you can actually choose that are meant to be in a copper mug like Moscow Mules so you don’t have to compromise what it goes in!

But having any other type of drink is always a good option so that people have options to choose from. Here are a few ideas:

  • Traditional wine and Champagne or wine in a can 
  • Beer that comes in cans
  • A keg of beer that you can pour beer into plastic cups
  • Hard alcohol like vodka and gin (you may be able to find a few bottles that are made of plastic)

Pairing both the cocktails and the warm, grilled foods together makes for a super fun boat party idea that your guests will be sure to love! 

6. Keep It Casual 

You also always have the option to keep your party a bit more casual. To do this, consider having a pontoon boat party! When you take this boat onto the water, you can make sure you have a ton of inflatable tubes and floating devices for people to use.

Fill the coolers with drinks and snacks for everyone. You can just anchor the boat and have a good time out on the water!

While this is a more casual option, it is an option that works best for a smaller amount of people as well.

7. Have a Birthday Boat Party

What better way to celebrate your birthday or one of your friend’s birthdays than with a birthday boat party!?

Depending on what kind of party you want, you can find a boat for that.

Maybe you want a boat with a slide or maybe you want a boat with a lot of Champagne on it. Whatever your needs are, you can make that happen. 

Party Planning Tips

When planning a boat party, there is more you have to take into account than a typical party.

For instance, safety. Here are a few safety tips:

  • Make sure the driver of the boat is not drinking
  • Do not bring glassware on the boat
  • Have life jackets on board for everyone
  • Check the weather before the big day 
  • Bring tons of sun protection for everyone

Once you have safety covered, you may want to pack some snacks as well, especially if you are going for a more casual boat party. Here are a few ideas:

  • Baked buffalo chicken wraps
  • Pita chips and hummus
  • Watermelon, basil, and mozzarella kabobs
  • Pasta salad skewers

These are just a few ideas that you could make for your party!

Boat Party Ideas for a Fun Time

Throwing a typical corporate event or typical wedding reception is fun, but why not make it more fun? You can do that by making it a boat party!

With these boat party ideas, you have plenty to choose from! Be sure to also follow our party planning tips to make sure your party is safe and fun!

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Book with us today!


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