How to Properly Throw an Incredible Bucks Party on the Water

bucks party

Here’s the scenario – your best mate is about to tie the knot with his missus, and has asked you to throw the most amazing bucks party ever. It’s a request you don’t take lightly, after all, a good bucks party guarantees a good marriage (or so legend says). So you decide to celebrate on a boat because what could be more epic than a bucks on a boat?

But you can’t simply leave it at that. There’s so many things to consider when throwing the ultimate bucks party, and if you leave it all to the last minute, your party will be one to forget. Never fear, we’ll show you how to throw an incredible bachelors party so you can send off the groom in style!

Step 1 – Set the time and date

Such an obvious step but one that is subject to much discussion and arguing! Make sure to sit down with the groom to decide a good date for the bucks party. Even better, come up with a list of preferred dates so that you have multiple options. Once a list of dates has been created, send it to the rest of groomsmen so they can vote and pick out a date suitable for everyone.

Step 2 – Enlist the help of fellow groomsmen

Of course you could do all the planning by yourself, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a team to help you out? That’s what the rest of the groomsmen are for. This select group of men should be willing to help you with party plans as part of their honorary groomsmen duties. Work together and split and delegate responsibilities amongst the boys to make life easier and to guarantee a party to remember!

Step 3 – Create the guest list

Creating the official guest list might be the most important yet difficult task in planning a bucks party. Leave your personal biases at home and work closely with the groom to figure out who to invite, it’s his bucks party after all. Make sure important details such as phone numbers are included as well. Beware of inviting party poopers, fun vampires, mean drunks and anyone else who might ruin an otherwise great time.

Step 4 – Find the right boat

Your boat bucks party deserves to be thrown on a luxurious, epic boat instead of just any old dinghy. When selecting your party boat think about what kind of boat you want (such as a sailboat, pontoon or yacht). You will also need to consider how big your guest list is since the more people, the bigger the boat you will need!

Other things to consider is the cost of the boat per hour, what features they offer (such as catering or music) and day availability. The boat you’re celebrating on can make or break your groom’s last night of freedom so make sure it’s a good pick!

Step 5 – Food and drink

When it comes to food for the day or night, you have two options. You can opt to have dinner before your bucks cruise, or have it on the boat itself. Whatever option you pick, make sure the food is up to standard – nobody likes a shoddy bucks dinner!

Same goes for the booze, make sure there’s enough to go around (though be sure to drink responsibly). If you’re having it on the boat, check to see if your boat can provide catering, which will save you the trouble of bringing your own food and drink.

Step 6 – Music

Unless your group of boys are the quiet type, you’ll need music to liven up the atmosphere on the boat. Do your own research when it comes to hiring a DJ or musicians for your bucks, nothing ruins a party like terrible music. You can also ask your boat hire if they have speakers available that you can directly plug your phone in to play your own music. Make it a perfect bucks with the perfect music.

Step 7 – Entertainment

Bucks parties are not your regular birthday party or hangout. An incredibly big day calls for entertainment that is just as incredible. Ask your groom what he might have in mind (or not in mind), and plan appropriately. 

You can opt to go with bucks party classics such as strippers, topless waitresses or poker tables or find something more niche such as axe throwing, party games or clay shooting. Whatever it is, make sure the groom gives you the green light!

Send your groom off in style!

A lifetime of marriage and commitment (hopefully) awaits the groom so make sure his bucks party is one to remember, even if some parts are a little foggy! With the right entertainment, the right guests and the right boat, you’ll be sure to have an amazingly fun experience and an action packed party that your mates will all enjoy.

Feeling a little stumped about finding just the right boat? Our crew at VIP Boat Hires can help you out! Our boats aren’t your regular vessels. They’re made to be top of the line, out-of-this-world ships that will make the groom feel like a captain! Get in touch with us and see how we can give you the perfect boat for your bucks party today!


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