Take Your Vivid Sydney 2021 Experience to the Waters

vivid sydney 2021

With last year’s cancellation, the long awaited grand festival is finally back. That’s right it’s official – Vivid Sydney 2021 is coming! The festival is set to light up from 6-28 August and it will be even more astonishing than the years before. 

However, what if you could take your experience to another level? With an event that only happens annually for a few weeks, why not treat yourself to the luxurious life of a cruise? It is different from the city light walk and more costly but it is worth checking out! 

Read on to discover why you should spend Vivid Sydney on the deck.   

Vivid Sydney 

First let’s grasp what Vivid Sydney is. It is a large-scale festival of vivid lights, music and ideas which attracts millions of visitors each year. It’s the time where creative designers, light artists, music makers and brilliant thinkers come together to share their vivid ideas and projects. The city becomes a playground of the unexpected where you can enjoy live musical performances, light installations, workshops and conferences.   

The event is scattered across the city – and if you didn’t know, most of these locations are right by the water. Some works are even illuminated on the most iconic buildings, such as Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Harbour Bridge – which are also by the harbour. Of course, views are not the only reasons for hiring a boat, so keep reading! 

  1. Avoid the Hustle and Bustle 

If you get anxiety being in crowded places then you might want to consider a harbour cruise instead. Vivid Sydney 2019 broke the record of 2.4 million visitations which included international travellers (although that won’t be the case this year), so it definitely gets busy. 

Hiring a boat means you avoid long lines – no wandering around to find a spot to sit and you cut wasting time. Spending Vivid Sydney 2021 on a cruise might even be a better option due to COVID-19. Although there will be safety measures in place, the number of visitors cannot be controlled whereas a cruise limits the amount of people onboard. If you want to be even more reclusive, hire a private boat.  

  1. The Night is Set

Are you too busy to plan out your Vivid Sydney trip? Perfect because boat rentals love to offer package deals. While you can hire a vessel to cruise freely yourself, package deals will have a captain onboard who will steer the way for you. 

Some deals even include dinner and drinks so you don’t have to worry about deciding where to eat. You avoid the queues and don’t have to wait for seats plus it’s a meal with beautiful views. It’s a luxury treat, and one to consider even more so during Vivid Sydney 2021. 

To get the best experience, find a Vivid package deal as these are tailored to take you to the vantage points of Vivid Sydney Harbour. You can kick-back and relax!  

  1. Capture Insta-worthy Photos 

There’s no surprise to this but when it comes to Vivid lights everyone wants to take photos. The Sydney Opera House light show is one of the highlights that is most captured and posted on social media. If you want crowd-free shots, then a boat is your best option. 

You get a different perspective from the crowd while appreciating the art at whole from afar. The key to an impressive photo is capturing it with the reflection from the water which makes it extra breathtaking. You can even showcase your luxurious boat experience while at Vivid Sydney – now that is something you don’t see everyday! Better yet, you also don’t need to battle people for that perfect shot.

  1. Relax with Loved Ones 

As you know, you can opt for a private boat for more freedom. This allows you to decide on who to invite within a certain capacity and you can feel comfortable knowing who will be in it for the ride. It also creates a calmer environment which is great for children. With Vivid lights on show, it is definitely a memorable experience to have with friends and family. 

There are smaller vessels if you wish for a more intimate experience. You can even treat you and your loved one to an overnight luxury stay where you sail to sleep and wake up by the Vivid Sydney Harbours. Also, you don’t even have to worry about the traffic going home or missing that last train. 

  1. Party into the Night 

Maybe you are looking for a wild night instead? If you’re a partygoer who doesn’t mind having fun alongside strangers, hop onto a party boat to celebrate Vivid Sydney 2021. You can get great views while meeting and mingling with people, grabbing drinks with friends and often with a DJ onboard, you can dance into the night of the glowing lights. 

If you love doing all those things minus mingling with strangers, do not fret. You can always book your own private party boat with your friends and family. However, you may need to consider the extra expenses such as hiring a DJ and providing food and drinks. 

Cruise your way through Vivid Sydney 2021

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the city being enriched with vivid music, ideas and lights. Live it up by taking it a step further and book yourself a harbour cruise. 

Interested in finding the perfect boat for your Vivid Sydney 2021 experience? Get in touch with VIP Boat Hire for their Vivid Sydney package deal, or check out the many other luxury private boats for hire. 


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