Weekend Getaway: Jet Off To Your Ideal Destination

weekend getaway

Many of you may have been committed to jobs that often involve intense and long hours. It results in a long-term lack of rest. Even worse, it may lead to a series of health issues such as depression and heart diseases. But why don’t you stop the development of these situations at an early stage? There are many ways to prevent it from happening and a short weekend getaway could be a great starting point!

Come on board, let’s take a closer look at some exciting activities you can attend right away.

1 – Beach Visit

Looking for soft, golden sands? The most beautiful coastal towns in the world are right on the doorstep of Australia. Just like what you usually do, lying on the beach, listening to the crashing waves as you enjoy the sunshine. This is the best relaxation on a weekend and there are coastal getaways to suit everyone. 

  • Bondi Beach – One of the most iconic beaches in Australia. You can at the same time discover Coogee Beach by walking across the cliff-top Bondi to Coogee walk.
  • Mollymook – On the South Coast of NSW with pretty views all year round.
  • Palm Beach – At the tip of Sydney, it is the epitome of Australian beach life.
  • Central Coast – An area that’s all about slow and steady living with the natural landscapes.
  • Avoca Beach – At the southern end of the New South Wales Central Coast, Avoca Beach is a dreaming place for a laid-back lifestyle.

2 – Picnics

If you are planning for a family weekend getaway, picnics are a great idea. You can enjoy the relaxing environment while enhancing the relationship with your family. On top of that, having picnics on a sunny day helps absorb much-needed calcium. It can lead to strong bones and teeth

#3 -Hiking

Hiking is a great exercise to get in closer touch with nature. It brings you different tangible benefits, from boosting fitness to improving your wellbeing. As you walk into the wilderness, your stress starts to get healed and your mood is improved. Also, respiratory issues such as asthma get relieved by breathing in the fresh air. Believe it or not, hiking also helps with weight loss! Although this may not be a goal for everyone, it is a great way for those who are seeking a healthy diet. The amount of burned calories depends on many factors such as your weight and aerobic intensity. You should take an average of 2.5 hours hiking every week for the best weight loss results.

4 – Cycling

Get a bike, put on a helmet and you are set to go. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise and can give you joy at the same time. It fits people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. While riding a bike, you breathe deeper, sweat, and your body temperature increases. As time goes, you feel less depressed, gain better joint mobility and a healthier body. What’s more? Cycling is environmentally friendly transportation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions which leads to the improvement of air quality. So if you find cycling interesting, you may consider replacing driving in the future.

5 – Road Trip

Do you get many opportunities to try a new activity in your daily life? If not, a road trip can be your first attempt. No matter how far you drive up to, a road trip is all about relaxing while exploring amazing places and views. It gives you the flexibility that you can embrace your curiosity anywhere and whenever. If you are based in Australia, you just have too many options. Driving from Sydney to Gold Coast is one of the most popular routes. Although it’s a 10 hours drive, you can stop in the middle of somewhere to explore the views. This is the greatest part of a road trip that brings you more joy. If you are only seeking a short weekend getaway, take a road trip within the state. Just looking at New South Wales, there are many places you can choose from – Port Stephens, the Blue Mountains, the Lake House, national parks, etc. If you are after a good winery, you can drive to Hunter Valley which is only 90 minutes away from the city center. You’ll get a great wine tasting and dining experience there. On top of that, a road trip won’t give you a lot of time to babysit your phone. Instead, you get more chances to meet awesome people from all over the world.

6 – Boat Party

If you are planning for a special occasion or seeking a relaxing and enjoyable weekend getaway, come to a boat party! First of all, a boat party allows you to enjoy the ultimate water view. You may also have chances to enjoy the scenery of some famous sights depending on your boat location. Many boats have also installed a fancy bar where you can experience different spirits. But if you’re very into a certain taste and that’s not offered by the cruise, you can consider BYO food and drinks. You and your friends will surely find it an unforgettable memory. While enjoying a relaxed boat party, your stress gets healed and your mood will gradually improve. 

Get Ready For Your Weekend Getaways!

Are you tempted by a short weekend getaway now? Hope this article has provided you with great ideas of what to do, from a simple beach visit to a fancy boat party. If you are looking for a memorable weekend getaway, get into a boat party right now!

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