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Private Super Yacht Rental in Sydney

Rent A Super Yacht for Your Sydney Events

There’s nothing like spending a special occasion or hosting a major event on board a super yacht. And thanks to VIP Boat Hire, you can!

With VIP Boat Hire’s private super yacht rental, you can enjoy celebrations in Sydney in the most luxurious space. Our super yachts are equipped with top-of-the-line engines and amenities that make your stay worthwhile.

Party At a Super Yacht

VIP Boat Hire provides everyone with a unique and memorable experience on deck. Whether you’re getting married, planning an office event or throwing a New Year’s day party, there’s a private super yacht for hire that’s perfect for the occasion.

These super yachts are the product of top-of-the-line engineering, equipped with powerful engines, elegant exteriors and plushly decorated interiors, all of which are planned and designed for the utmost comfort of you and your guests.

These private charter boats will take you on a scenic route along Sydney Harbour, cruising past the breathtaking views of the water and the architectural splendor of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

These stunning sights of Sydney paired with your luxurious choice of super yacht rentals guarantee you and your guests the most exhilarating experience on board.

Boat Amenities and Inclusions

  • Buffet Dining
  • Fridge
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking Facilities
  • Esky
  • Crockery
  • BYO Food
  • BYO Alcohol
  • BYO Dining
  • Air Conditioning
  • Sound Systems
  • Smart device connectivity
  • Easy water access

Fun Activities For Your Party

Whether you’re celebrating a family occasion or you’re hosting a workplace event, a private boat rental along Sydney Harbour offers plenty of exciting experiences for you and your guests.

Apart from different amenities on board that you can enjoy, you can also challenge your guests in water activities.

Having a group of adventurous and active people around? Race them on the water with kayaks! If your guests are more laid back, scuba diving will be an experience they won’t forget as they float weightlessly in the sea and discover Sydney Harbour’s underwater wonders.

But you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your super yacht to enjoy activities. You can mingle over food and drinks and get the most out of the on-board amenities, such as the sound systems, TV and DVD player.

More Boats, More Events

VIP Boat Hire boasts 27 different luxury private boats in our fleet, including the MV Circa Spirit and Cosmos II for large  parties. The Circa Spirit, for example, can host up to 65 guests while the Cosmos II can accommodate you and 112 guests comfortably.

Smaller parties can also enjoy VIP Boat Hire’s luxurious offerings with our smaller, but equally plushly-furnished vessels. From private pontoons to catamarans 

Why Choose VIP Boat Hire

There are plenty of reasons to charter a private super yacht for your special events, from giving your guests a unique experience to being able to enjoy scenic views as your party goes.

With VIP Boat Hire as your choice of chartered fleet, you’re guaranteed to have the best and most luxurious party in Sydney.

  •   Effortless Adventure

Rental boats for different occasions from VIP Boat Hire are fully equipped with everything you need to host an event in Sydney.

  •   Lively Atmosphere

Create a light and memorable atmosphere when you combine the thrill of a sea adventure with your special event. 

  •   Unforgettable Views

Nothing beats the stunning views that Sydney Harbour provides, from the sparkling blue waters to the iconic city skyline, all visible from the private boat you hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids allowed on the boat?

Most of the super yachts that VIP Boat Hire provides are child-friendly but we don’t recommend bringing children on board for safety purposes. If you do, make sure they are supervised all the time.

What type of shoes should we wear?

You can wear whatever type of shoe you’d like, except stilettos. For safety purposes, though, we recommend wearing boat shoes.

Can we go swimming?

We may be able to drop anchor at some of the beautiful beaches along Sydney Harbour. If the weather cooperates, you and your guests may even go for a swim.

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