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Luxury Catamaran Boat Hire in Sydney

The Perks of a Private Catamaran Rental

Catamarans are the preferred sailing vessels for private boat parties because, unlike a traditional sailing yacht, catamarans have two hulls that make for a stabler cruising experience. This type of boat’s design isn’t as susceptible to rocking waves, so you and your guests can walk, dance and dine comfortably on the deck while sailing. 

The stability offered by a catamaran is ideal for a night of fun and revelry. If you’re out with your family, the kids and older adults won’t easily feel seasick because the cruise will mostly be smooth. A catamaran is also perfect if you’re planning to host a formal dining arrangement, since you don’t have to worry about waves rocking the boat and ruining the vibe.

VIP Boat Hire has a wide selection of catamaran rentals that can accommodate varying party sizes, from small pontoon boats to luxury yachts. Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together with your closest friends or organising a large company event, you’ll find the perfect boat for your private cruise from our fleet.

Catamaran Boat Hire FAQs

What types of events are allowed on the boat?

You can celebrate any holiday, occasion or milestone with VIP Boat Hire, from private events to corporate gatherings. Additionally, we can accommodate large company functions on one of our bigger catamarans.

Can we swim in Sydney Harbour?

Of course! Just remember to pack your swimmers, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You can also make arrangements for other water activities, such as speed boating and scuba diving. Discuss your plans with us prior to your trip so we can include them on the itinerary.

Are kids allowed on board?

Children of all ages can board our catamarans, but those below 10 years of age must wear a life jacket at all times.

Where can we go during our charter?

The boat can take you to most places within Sydney Harbour, as long as they’re within the surveyed boundaries. If there are particular spots you wish to visit, ask our staff if it’s possible to take the ship there.

What activities are allowed?

We allow most kinds of activities on board, as long as they won’t damage the boat. Otherwise, you might lose a portion of or the entire bond you paid for the rental. Wine-tasting, swimming and themed dinners are some of the popular activities done aboard our boats. Remember to tell us about the activities you have planned beforehand so we can prepare the necessary equipment.

What is your policy on bad weather?

In case of inclement weather, which involves rain exceeding 15mm, winds over 40km/hr and fog, we’ll inform you immediately if it’s unsafe to set sail and reschedule your reservation to your preferred date.

Can we do a boat inspection?

Yes. We encourage clients to inspect the boat since it helps them visualise how they want to use the space for their parties. Most of our vessels are easily accessible for inspections, but some are subject to availability. Schedule an appointment to view our boats.

Why Rent with VIP Boat Hire

Our goal is to make your private cruising experience as lavish, unique and comfortable as possible. All our catamarans are equipped with amenities to make sure you have everything you need for your getaway, including Wi-Fi and smart devices connection.

You have the option of bringing and preparing your own food, but we have catering and licensed bar services if you want a fine dining experience. 

Our concierge service is available at your disposal for anything you might need while on board. If there are activities you want to do or sights you want to visit, just tell our staff and they’ll make the arrangements for you if it’s within the surveyed area.

With VIP Boat Hire, you’re getting more than just a private boat rental; you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience that makes any celebration or trip even more special.

Book a luxury catamaran now to start planning your private cruise. For enquiries and bookings, contact us at +61 2 5021 7000 or

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