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Corporate Cruise Boat Hire in Sydney

Have an exciting business gathering by throwing a cruise party for your clientele. Impress your guests by offering them an engaging environment, stunning scenery and delicious food. Consider a corporate boat hire in Sydney for an enjoyable event that will surely improve your business relations.

The Sydney Harbour offers magnificent views perfect for your next corporate networking plans. It offers a perfect backdrop that your staff or clients will highly appreciate. Enjoy sailing around while having parties or meetings in your private boat rental.

Corporate Cruise Activities

Cruising is an exciting travel experience that can motivate your employees or clients. Bonding activities in a luxury corporate boat rental can foster relationship-building and encourage participation. Keep your team inspired by creating interesting activities that can boost their morale.

Team building events are a great way to have your team members work together towards achieving a common goal. Conducting them in a corporate cruise will give them a chance to bond with each other and hone their skills while enjoying the glorious ocean view.

Here are some team building ideas for your business cruise:

  • Sailing regattas. You can hire a few small boats and have a competitive race with the guidance of skippers. Sailing small vessels create a thrilling atmosphere, sharpen the participants’ attention and make them improve their individual efforts. This experience can improve trust, develop communication skills and leadership and strengthen relationships.
  • Remote control yacht race. Conduct a mini race and build a friendly competition amongst your team using remote controlled sailing yachts. They’ll be entertained with this exciting race that can be guided by an expert yachtsman.
  • Wine tasting. Test your team’s knowledge and palate by competing to taste and guess the wines. It’s an exciting and interactive game that promotes teamwork in an elegant atmosphere. Have them participate to practice their leadership and decision-making skills. This game will also introduce them to excellent types of wine.
  • Do the limbo. This game is done by lining everyone up, then have someone show the correct way to do the limbo. Have each person do it under a pole, then lower it each time. Those who can’t make it beneath the pole or doing it incorrectly will be eliminated.
  • Name that tune. This energetic musical guessing game can be played on the smartphone or by using pen and paper. Your team’s knowledge of songs and musicians will be tested and team camaraderie will be encouraged. Your group will surely laugh – and even sing in this super fun activity.
  • Truth and lies. This simple game is a good way to get people to open up. Each member says one truth and one lie about themselves. The team members have to guess which one is the lie. This game is designed to know each other better and improve their relationship.

Why Should You Choose This Corporate Boat Hire?

VIP Boat Hire Sydney’s corporate boat hire is the perfect option for your important events. Cruising around the Sydney Harbour makes for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. A corporate cruise packed with everything you need is essential to impress potential business partners and make your guests feel satisfied.

Our boat hire range can accommodate small to large groups and some vessels feature stages, screens and display furniture. You can also choose from a range of catering services, entertainment features and other amenities you may need. 


Can we add decorations on the boat?

You can add decorations for your event, as long as you contact our team to confirm what is allowed on your vessel. We can also make the decorations to save you time. Feel free to discuss it with our team.

What should I do if I think I might get seasick?

You can consult a pharmacist prior to your travel for some over the counter medications.

Can we conduct a boat inspection?

Yes, we can show you around your selected boat. Please contact our team for more information on boat inspections.

What do you suggest for VIP visitors in Sydney?

We recommend booking a luxury charter for a deluxe experience. Your guests will be delighted to have one of the best boats and services that we offer.

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