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Pontoon Boat Hire in Sydney

VIP Boat Hire offers a range of pontoon boat hires for a great way to celebrate any event with your loved ones. Go around the incomparable Sydney Harbour while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Guaranteed, you’ll have high-quality vessels and complete packages to let you enjoy the overall experience.

Choose from a selection of quality vessels with various entertainment and food and beverage options. Enjoy all these while getting mesmerised by Sydney’s iconic attractions such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and other nearby attractions. You can opt to explore nearby beaches with your friends for added fun.

Why Hire This Boat?

VIP Boat Hire’s pontoons are perfect for your cruise activities. Choose from different options and affordable packages that will match your preferences. You can also just hang out on the spacious decks while checking out the 360-degree view of the Sydney Harbour.

Pontoon boats are also generally versatile and stable. You’ll have slow rides on the water that will let you have a good view of the harbour and its surrounding areas. These boats have plenty of seating, lounges and facilities such as entertainment centres and bars.

Other Events and Activities You Can Enjoy:

Aside from enjoying the beautiful views of Sydney while partying, you can also celebrate other occasions on our boats like weddings, holidays and other parties.

Here are other events you can celebrate on VIP Boat Hire’s pontoons:


Have an unforgettable birthday on a cruise around the iconic Sydney Harbour. You can make the celebration more fun and exciting by doing activities like group games, swimming, scuba diving or having a dance party. The colourful Sydney lights will serve as a great background for your stunning photos.


Getting married on a boat will make your dream wedding more exciting. Guaranteed, you’ll get high-quality services and our team will ensure that every detail is perfect. You can always ask assistance from your coordinator to ensure everything flows smoothly, and your family and guests all have a great time.

During your special day, VIP Boat Hire’s expert team will make sure that you’ll have a fantastic and enjoyable experience.


Celebrating Christmas around Sydney’s iconic spots is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday. You can also do various activities like snorkelling or swimming to add more fun to your party, while also having great food and entertainment on board.

Make the celebration more meaningful and memorable by wearing holiday-themed costumes, giving gifts, decorating your cabin and recreating your holiday traditions. All these added fun activities will enhance your cruise experience as well as your guests.

New Year

A New Year’s Eve cruise is a great way to spend the holiday with your friends and loved ones. You can also do other activities like scuba diving or visiting nearby attractions to make the day more memorable. Enjoy the spectacular Sydney Harbour fireworks display while cruising around the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge onboard your pontoon boat rental.

Hen’s Cruise

Take your girlfriends out on a fun date by celebrating your hen’s party on a cruise. Enjoy the day with some good food and drinks, and do fun activities like swimming, kayaking and visiting Sydney’s nearby beaches. You can add more entertainment activities by conducting group games that will make everyone have an enjoyable time.


Is there enough space for dancing or partying?

Yes, but the size and location depends on the type of vessel and number of guests. However, we ensure that all vessels have allotted areas for dancing or partying.

Is there a place to keep our food and drinks?

Yes, you can place your food and drinks in the freezers available in most of our vessels.

Is it okay if we conduct a boat inspection?

Yes, you can ask our team for more information regarding boat inspections, but we ensure that most of the vessels are very accessible, and our team can show you around your chosen boat.

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